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Kaleidoscope- by Round Robin Rebel Terry Atkinson

Have you enjoyed the last few weeks learning about our round robin quilts? It’s been great getting to share our journey with you.

Today we are celebrating Terry Atkinson’s quilt, “Kaleidoscope”

We were excited  (remember how I said that my husband was enjoying this as much as me?) to see the next box arrive from Gudrun. I don’t know why I was surprised, but this quilt  blew me away.

In true Atkinson fashion, the center was bright and fun.  Her signature colors were all there.  My first thought was happy, happy happy!

imageI also shouldn’t have been surprised by Gudrun’s round:  scrappy with fun angles.  My first thought…how in the world are we going to write directions for this???

Digging a little further into the box I found fabulous fabrics all tied up with light turquoise rick rack.  Leave it to Terry to take the effort to make even the fabric bundles cute.

Now to the design wall.  Again, I had to live with the quilt for awhile.  Gudrun’s round was so interesting I just didn’t want to do more piecing that would distract from that.  I was also thinking about how big this quilt was going to be by the time it had at least two more rounds put on it.  There was no way there was going to be enough fabric to finish this quilt.

One day it dawned on me to go from a square to a rectangle.  I felt like I wanted to continue with the gray fabrics so I ended up going to 3 different quilt shops before finding this fabric.  The plaid was not my first preference, color was.  The plaid just happened to be the right value for what I wanted to do.  I can’t stand plaids that are not cut straight so making sure they  matched in all directions took a little bit of time.  It in my mind, so worth the effort!

Oh ohThis is a close-up picture of the plaid…along with a little oopsie moment….

I also  decided I wanted to do applique.  But what?  I doodled and played with several ideas.  Finally settling on copying the shape of the center applique and using that to create flower petals.

Design wall paper appliques and rick rac

I knew Terry liked rick rack.  Heck,  she even has it on the header on her blog page!  So, I hoped she would also appreciate the use of it on her quilt.  This picture shows auditioning flower sizes and rick rack color options.

Not only did I use it as a design element with the applique, I also used it to separate the rounds.  Here is a picture of pinning the corners.

RIck Rac in seams

 Sometimes doing symmetrical work can be challenging, so this picture illustrates how I marked the curves for the rick rack before stitching it in place.

Rick Rac

Terry had done a raw edge applique with a machine satin stitch on the center block .  To get it to resemble her work took a little bit of trial and error.  All the flowers and center yoyos were done in different fabric to carry the scrappy look to this part of the quilt.Raw edge applique

As with Gudrun’s  quilt, I had a lot of bulk in the corners.  I placed small yoyos at each corner to help eliminate that issue.  Half way down each long side I placed additional yoyos that helped tack the rick rack flat.

Close up applique and yoyos

I really debated if I should add leaves along the “vines”, but with the minimalistic center I decided to edit my work and leave it simple.   That was one of the things I mentioned when we finally saw the quilts.  It certainly wouldn’t have bothered me if the group felt the borders needed a little something more.

Terry's after my round

When I packed up the quilt to send off to Terri, this is how it looked.

 You can read more about each of our quilts  in American Patchwork & Quilting’s February issue that is on news stands now and on the website,

APQ Cover

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We promise you’ll have a good time!

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 Thanks for taking the time to visit!  We hope you will become Round Robin Rebels too!

Photos used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2013 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.




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