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It’s my turn to be Aurifil’s Designer of the Month!

Aurifil 2016 Design Team February Kari CarrIt’s truly an honor to be featured as February’s Aurifil Designer of the Month!  Each month a designer shares insights with you and a free pattern for a 12″ quilt block.  The name of my block is Lake Life.  As a Minnesota girl, it was pretty easy to find my inspiration!  Blue, this year’s color is perfect, just perfect.

Lake Life Aurifil

Lake Life by Kari Carr

I’ve also had the pleasure to work with Pat Sloan on several of her broadcasts over the years.  If you didn’t know already, she is the mastermind of the program.  She and Aurifil have partnered to host a giveaway for an Aurifil thread collection ($120 value).  To enter, make the Lake Life block and then share a picture of it to Pat’s Aurifil Blog.  I hope you win and I can’t wait to see how you make the block!!  (keep reading for other chances to win….)

Pat Sloan enter your aurifil block

Head over to Auribuzz to read my interview and download the free block pattern.  If you’re wondering about how to make the half-square triangles, visit my blog for a tutorial, Perfectly Pieced Half-square Triangles: Without Drawing Lines.

Aurifil has also graciously provided me with thread to host my own giveaway.  There are several arenas in which you have a chance to win.  But wait….Not only do you have a chance to win thread, I’m giving away  Clearly Perfect Angles templates  because I don’t want you to draw lines when you’re sewing 45° angles!

Aurifil & Clearly Perfect Angles

Enter for a chance to win!!

Here’s how it works….

1st chance:  Leave a comment below on something blue that inspires you.

2nd chance:  On my Facebook page “Like”, “Share” AND  “Comment” on the picture above saying why you’d like to win a Clearly Perfect Angles and Aurifil Thread.

3rd chance:  “Follow” me on Instagram AND tag a friend using hashtags #aurifilthread and #clearlyperfectangles on the picture above.

Just for you, I’m also offering a discount!  Use the code AURIFIL15 to get a 15% discount at New Leaf 


As a reminder, here’s the line-up for the whole year.

Jan -Heather Valentine
Feb – Kari Carr
Mar – Christa Watson
Apr – Kate Spain
May – Amy Friend
June – Jacquelynne Steves
July – Wendy Sheppard
Aug – Angela Walters
Sept – Lynn Krawczyk
Nov – Katarina Roccella
Dec – Amanda Herring


41 Responses to It’s my turn to be Aurifil’s Designer of the Month!

  1. Joanne Hamm says:


  2. betty drake says:

    I love my grandchildren’s bright blue eyes.

  3. Shelby says:

    My daughter’s blue quilt that I made her. I’m not a big fan of blue but she loves blue so I made a quilt for her using blues. The deep blues that I found made me rethink blue. Love your block design. I’m giving it my own flair using black and white. Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. Deb says:

    How about the BLUE Ridge Mountains….I can see them out my back door. I love living here in the Shenandoah Valley….just south a bit from Pat Sloan.

  5. Béatrice says:

    Blue sky and ocean, infinite blues.

  6. Melissa M says:

    My daughter’s eyes. They’re officially blue but some days are almost green.

  7. Colleen says:

    Looking at clear blue sky with one or two white puffy clouds that pop against all that blue

  8. Kathleen says:

    Ah, most definitely the blue eyes of my grandbaby who just turned one in January. My first and she is beautiful!

  9. Karen Stenback says:

    I am from Minnesota and find the blue lakes of Minnesota the most inspirational blue in the world!

  10. Tamara Williams says:

    Blue flowers are my favorite to add to the garden, everything pop’s beside them. All shades have a place as they are harder to find. I’ve always used papers to make my HST, would love to try your method!

  11. Tamara Williams says:

    Beautiful block! I’ve used the papers for making my HST for years, love to try your Clearly perfect angles. Blues are my favorite flowers to add to my garden!

  12. Karen says:

    Blue shadows on the snow are great for inspiration.

  13. Kristi Pratt says:

    My childrens blue eyes! They are beautiful and full of love, trust, and sweetness! Thanks

  14. Kathy E. says:

    The sky above us inspires me. The fluffy, lazy clouds with rays of sunshine streaming through them and see birds soaring around is always beautiful!

  15. Joanne Vermunt says:

    Ocean / lakes / rivers

  16. Allison CB says:

    A blue bird of happiness!

  17. Jen B says:

    I don’t really know – can I say blur fabric?

  18. sherry says:

    Blue oceans inspire me! the Blues are just such a calming color i love it!

  19. Greta says:

    The ocean and a stormy sky! Gretahoneycutt (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. Quilting Tangent says:

    The different colors of blue in the ocean.

  21. Deb G. in VA says:

    I love wide, open, blue skies, on a sunny day.

  22. Barb says:

    Blue jeans. I love sewing with denim.

  23. Carole M says:

    My kitten wrapped in a blue blanket (right now!) inspires me!

  24. Stacy says:

    The blue ocean inspires me!

  25. Alida says:

    A blue jay! Thanks for the chance!!

  26. Vicki H says:

    The blues of the Minnesota lakes and mostly my husbands blue eyes.

  27. Donna says:

    Sky Blues are some of my favorite blues.
    Thanks for giveaway.

  28. Sarah J. says:

    Water inspires me- dark lake blue to lighter blue to white of water falls and everything in between! Love the block- blue and white is always a favorite of mine.

  29. Amy says:

    The blue eyes of my husband and two sons inspire me!

  30. Mary says:

    The sky, different shades of blue from day to night

  31. Claire Ross says:

    My bunny Bluebell inspires me ! Named bluebell as her coat colour is Blue/ grey x

  32. Emily C says:

    I love blue, for the ocean. Such an endless expanse, just like inspiration, which you can find anywhere.

  33. Margaret C says:

    Blue is one of my favourite colours – and my favourite blue is my daughter’s eyes. She’s a throwback to her grandparents – neither her father or I share her colour. When she was wee, I used to sing ‘Sweet Child of Mine’to her because of it’s first line!
    I love the look of HST but hate drawing lines – fingers crossed for winning as your product looks AH-MAY-ZING!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  34. Sharon says:

    I’d say Hydrangeas – I love that soft blue, and they also inspired my daughter in planning her wedding! I love you block, Kari!

  35. Mara says:

    The blue of the Greek Seas, like no other blues!

  36. Linda D says:

    The blues in flowers inspire me, hydrangeas, iris, and delphiniums.

  37. Anne Luehr says:

    Our Alberta (Canada) blue sky. It is truly a sight to behold.

  38. Kathy Knapp says:

    I am always inspired by the blues in water….waterfalls, oceans, and lakes…

  39. Phyllis Davis says:

    The changing colors of the ocean inspire me. Love the blues in your block!

  40. Duane Wiley says:

    Sky Blue would be my second choice but water blue is my first! I love your design block! Thanks for the giveaway.

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