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I picked the wrong fabric! Rewriting cutting directions.

I sure didn’t think my fabric choices thru on this block!  Have you ever done that? Talk about being disappointed.

Aurifil September

Angela Walters made this great block as the August Aurifil BOM and I sure didn’t do it any favors.  The cute print was so chopped up it looked….bad. When thinking about it, I should have used different fabric for the background.

Closeup seams

OR, I thought, if I could reduce the amount of seams, a larger print would work.  So I went about refiguring and remaking the block.  I didn’t have enough fabric, so I choose to fussy-cut a different large print.

Closeup less seams

Two things happened when I did this.  One, the print stays intact, making it look more unified.  And two, there weren’t nearly as many points to match!

Recut sample

This is really evident in the very center block. But it was also simplified in the corners and by redoing the Flying Geese blocks.  Here’s an illustration of the two ways to create the same block:

Block sample

If you’re interested in making the Option 2 block, here’s the cutting information:

CuttingIt wasn’t difficult at all to refigure the cutting on this block.  If you have a great fabric you want to showcase, try it yourself.  You just might be happy with the outcome.  I sure was!

Edited note:  To speed up piecing and eliminate drawing lines,  I used the Clearly Perfect Angles.

Aurifil & Clearly Perfect Angles

Aurifil Design Team logo1

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