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Dottie: Making Perfect Appliqued Circles

I’m so glad you popped over to my blog. If you’re looking for tips on making perfect applique circles for the Dottie pattern, you’re in the right spot to follow along!

These are the supplies that I used:

Fine tip marker, fabric scissors, paper scissors, tin foil, small dish, small foam brush, heat resistant template plastic, liquid starch, iron, and non-stick pressing mat.

Hopefully these items are already in your supplies…so we can get going right away!

Create Template: These first few steps are easy (sorry, I didn’t snap a picture of each of these).

1. Trace the circle from the Dottie pattern (or whatever size you need) onto the heat resistant template plastic.

2. Using your paper scissors cut your circle out of the template plastic on the lines you just traced.

3. Set your cut out heat resistant circle template onto your paper pattern to double check the size.


4. Press your fabric.

5. Lay your template onto your fabric and cut approximately a half inch beyond the template. This will ensure that you have enough fabric to cover the template so you don’t have any raw edges peeking out.

6. Layer 1 piece of foil, your fabric (right side down), and then center your template in the middle of the fabric.

7. Dip your brush in the liquid starch that can be put in a small bowl and brush it onto the fabric, at the edge of the template.

8. Create the circle by folding the foil and fabric taught to the template.  The foil will hold the fabric firmly in place.

9. With your fingers, work all the way around the edge to make sure the fabric is smooth, with no wrinkles.

It sort of looks like Jiffy Pop.  Popcorn, anyone?

10.  At this point, press along the edges of the template.  I like to use a sweeping motion with the iron, from outside in, to keep the edges crisp.

11.  Flip and press from the other side.

12. Allow the packet to cool before unwrapping.

Hint: I used two templates so I could be creating another circle while one was cooling.

13.  Unfold your foil packet to reveal your perfect circle. I pressed once more at this point on a non-stick pressing mat in areas that weren’t quite dry.

14.  Remove the template plastic and…

Ta-Da, you just made a perfect Dottie circle! Easy as that!

Remember that you can use this technique for any size circle and for that matter, pretty much any simple shape.

Another thing I liked about using this technique, is that the smooth, crisp edges were really easy to stitch into place on my quilt.

Dottie is available as a digital download and as one of the designs in All a Twitter, Pattern Duo III.

If you’re interested in kits or fabric, please let me know so I can get you the details:

Remember to let me know you’re posting on social media. Please use #newleafstitches, #allatwitterfabric and #dottiequilt

Stitch on!  Kari

2 Responses to Dottie: Making Perfect Appliqued Circles

  1. Cindy Gleason says:

    I have purchased 4 panels of the Dottie All A Twitter fat quarter panels: 2 of the dotted; 2 of the solid. My goal is to make this a King sized quilt. Do you have any additional suggestions for cutting the fabric, or would it make sense to just double the main blocks? I’m afraid to start since I am not sure how the cut out would work, and I don’t want to ruin one or two entire panels. I appreciate your suggestions.

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