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Redeeming Love Quilt

I’ve been meaning to post about this quilt for some time.  And today, while taking part in the IG Quilt Fest, the topic is on our favorite finish.  Of all the quilts I’ve made and designed, this one tops the list.  I’ve found that most of us that quilt feel the most rewarded when, what we’ve created, has found purpose.

I was asked to make a quilt for our new prayer room at church.  It’s a tiny, quaint, peaceful little room.  Knowing this quilt would serve a greater purpose, I must admit, I felt pressure to make something special.


To understand its journey, please take time to read what is posted by the quilt.  And enjoy the pictures….or better yet, stop by to see it in person.


3 Responses to Redeeming Love Quilt

  1. Betty E. Pollard says:

    My daughter who lives in NH forwarded this to me. What a gorgeous quilt. Will you be selling the pattern? I would be interested–am not a great quilter but love doing it.

  2. Penny says:

    What a beautiful sentiment, “Come with an open heart.”

    I’m wondering how you did the shapes around the cross.

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