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Getting “Inked”

Sometimes things just happen in spurts.  Lately, New Leaf Stitches, and especially my book, Just around the Corner, have been getting some nice recognition in the media.  I hope it doesn’t sound conceited, but it sure is fun to see your work being recongized, especially in places and by people you never dreamed of.

Below is the latest edition of Australian Patchwork and Quilting. See what I mean?  Australia!!  They contacted me awhile back for information and I thought the article turned out really nice.  They are going to do a piece on the Clearly Perfect Angles in another one of their publications…wahoo!

  And here is another that I was so please/shocked to discover.  Nancy Zieman wrote a book (it has been out awhile, but I just learned about it) featuring her 101 favorite notions…and the Clearly Perfect Angles is in it!!   Can I hear a…wahoo?!

On a side note…I will be presenting at Nancy’s Quilt Expo in Madison, WI this fall…more details to follow.


Recently, The Applique Soceity featured the book in their newsletter along with an article.  Patti did an excellent job writing it…thank you.  And I discovered what a large and interesting group this is becaue I heard from many of them.  It is always fun to learn about people and especially about an organization dedicated to the art of quilting.  I truly think it would be worth your time to check out their website: or they have an 800 number for additional information:  800-597-9827.

I tried to leave this big enough so that if you are intereted you can read the whole article.

 Patti (and her sister) where also guinea pigs and gave the Clearly Perfect Angles a whirl.  The review was so very sweet!


And talk about out of the blue…I’m in Minnesota and I get an article in the Grand Junction, CO paper.  Go figure!  I visited with Sherida, their Art of Quilting Columnis,t way back at fall market about Just around the CornerA couple weeks ago she sent me the article.  And another…wahoo!


So those things are in the past, and there are a couple more coming up in the future….

This one I have known about for awhile, but was asked to keep it hushed…I will have not only a quilt block, but a quilt in the upcoming issue of:


Make sure to look for the new edition that will be out shortly!!


Now here is a tease.  This fall I have a small wool, appliqué project that will be in Fons and Porter’s, Love of Quilting. I can’t let you see the project, but I think it turned out dang cute and is simple, to boot!  One of the things I like best about it is the beautiful fabrics I used from Cherrywood Fabrics.  If you haven’t seen (or touched) them, you really need to.  I will let you know more details about this when I can…For now, you’re only left with a tiny peek.



Speaking of Fons and Porter’s, don’t forget to watch for the TV episode I taped with Mary Fons on your local PBS station.  It is called “Scrappy Stars” (episode 1912). I haven’t seen it on our local station, so I don’t even know how it turned out….


What’s on the horizon:

            Next week I’m heading to New York state to spend some time at a couple of guilds.

The week after that I am in North Dakota.

May brings me to quilt market.

July I will be at the Iowa Quilt Guild retreat along with a visit to Altoona.

August I will be presenting in Minneapolis.

September I head to Madison, WI and Bloomington, IN.

October is fall market.

November I get to teach at a retreat in Minnesota.

And just for good measure throw in…a new grandbaby, a new book, and… jury duty!

Thanks for checking in…I know…it’s been awhile.


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