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hot, Hot, HOT in Iowa

I’m not just talking about the weather (although it was up around 100° each day), but the sewing machines and the ladies running them. It was my pleasure to spend time with two different groups in the Des Moines area.

My first stop was at Simpson College where I taught a couple classes and did a presentation at the Iowa State Quilt Guild’s retreat.  Talk about a group of talented women!!  Holy cow could they sew!

Here is a peek at the first evening’s show-and-tell.


At about this point in my trip, my camera fell apart (literally!).  We’re talking about a well-known brand…geesh!  So please forgive me for the quality of pictures in this blog.  By the way, I’m open to recommendations on what my next camera should be!!


This are a few of the quilts made during class earlier in the day.  The pattern is called Sidewalk Cafe and is the cover quilt on my book, Just around the Corner. How fun to see it made up in everything from Halloween to reproductions.

The next day was the class from the pattern County Fair. I hope they were all proud of themselves because it wasn’t a class for the weak of heart.  Good job ladies!

After a wonderful couple of days, I headed across town to Altoona.  Let me tell you…this guild is amazing!  Not only are they super talented, but so very generous.  They make charity quilts for two different organizations.  The night I was there they went well over 100 quilts donated.  Awesome, considering they have somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 members.

Here are some ladies showing off their class projects.  From the pattern Beauty Bright.  They caught on to the technique very quickly and several of them used the variations to make it their very own.  Great work!


I had most of one day open so I took a little road trip to Winterset.  I have enjoyed a great relationship with the ladies at Fons and Porter’s and getting to tour the facility and have lunch with them was a real treat.  Thank you Jean and Kristi!  I knew the town was famous as the home of Liz and Marianne, but did you know it is famous for someone else as well?

Here is a picture of John Wayne’s birthplace.  Oh my,  it was so tiny.

And I couldn’t leave Madison County without visiting at least one covered bridge.

And I certainly couldn’t leave the state without buying some sweetcorn. Which, by the way, was awesome!

Thank goodness for my camera phone and thank goodness for those of you who took the time to leave a comment on the last post.  I think that I am going to like Word Press a lot better than what I was using.  So here goes… the winners of the Clearly Perfect Angles are:




Please email me with your mailing addresses:

The rest of you…let me know what kind of camera I should consider!!  Thanks.


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