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Technology Overload


Is it true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  Well, I’m the old dog and I have to learn some new things if I want to get the most out of my new toys!

Let’s start with my favorite…a new Bernina  550QE  sewing machine.  Now, in my business this isn’t a toy, but it sure is fun.  What a great career I have found myself in!

Out with the old. In with the new.

Isn’t she a beauty!?  I have to admit  that it was a bittersweet moment.  It was hard for me to remove my old Bernina.  She has been with me a long time and I was getting sentimental about all of the things she has made.  But then…I plugged in the new one and there was no looking back.  Such power!  So user-friendly!  So many possibilities!   I’m truly a lucky girl to be apart of the Bernina Artisan family!  I do believe she needs a name…any ideas??


The learning curve is going to be a little more steep with my new camera!  I chose Panasonic’s new G-5.  I didn’t want to go with a DSLR for two reasons: the price and size.  This one is smaller and has interchangeable lenses.  When in the automatic setting it is pretty much like a point-and-shoot.  There are some pretty cool features that I’m looking forward to learning.  I decided to go with a pancake lens.  Time will tell if it was the right choice, but it sure cut down on the bulk.

Panasonic DMC-G5


Now, my new camera needed some sprucing up so why not make a spiffy, fun camera strap?  I used the information from The Cottage Home and fabric from my stash.

Gathered Camera Strap

I needed to change a few things.  My strap is more narrow than the directions are written for and I didn’t have any ribbon that would work.  No problem!  I just re-figured the cutting and made a self-fabric ribbon with a bias strip maker.  It took me longer to decide on the decorative stitch to run down the middle than it did to make the whole thing!! I admit, I started playing around a little bit….  I also added a pocket on the underside for a lens holder.

If I was to make another one I would do two things differently.  The first is I’d make the lens pocket a little bigger and put elastic at the top edge.  I would also use one of the embroidery alphabets to stitch my name on the back.  Other than that, it was a fun project!


I had the honor of spending the evening with the Women of the West Quilt Guild in Plymouth, MN.  What a talented group!!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my new camera and my phone camera just didn’t do the quilts justice, so here is just a group shot.

WOW Quilt Guild

My son’s mother-in-law, who lives in the area, helped me out.  It was a good thing she was there or I would have been swamped.  Thank you Janet!!


Don’t mess with my piles!!

It all makes sense to me!

Admit it! Some of you are just like me, you know exactly where everything is and why it is there. It might look like a mess, but it makes sense to me.

I’m actually getting organized to go to the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in Madison this week.  I’ll be teaching and also “working” in Mill House Quilts‘ booth.  Stop by for a visit!!

Later this month I will be at the North Dakota Indian Summer Quilt Show and in early October I travel to Bloomington, IN.

Now for fun, summer  pictures since my last post.  From a rodeo and golf course to apple picking and snuggles…I am blessed.

DIL- Liz and I go to the rodeo

Close to the action!


Girl’s night out. Great friends!


Beautiful fairway


Brian figuring out his new putter.

Cleared the water…YEAH!


Kendall and Grandpa picking apples. They’re huge this year!


Ready to eat after polishing on her shirt!


Our smiley Ava. And that hair! Mohawk on top and cowlick in the front…

As I scroll back over the pictures it’s so obvious which ones are “before new camera” and “after”.  I’m ready to take on the challenge of proving that old dogs can learn new tricks!

’til we chat again,






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  1. Sandy Bedard says:

    I see you have a new sewing machine! I bought one just like it last week. Just wondering how you like it?

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