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Simple Charm

One of the benefits of growing older is recognizing that the simplest things in life are the nicest and sweetest…and can be the most charming!

Even at work…For instance, here is a picture of a simple group activity I did at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo a few weeks ago.  It was so easy and there ended up being lots of laughs while they were learning.

Group Activity

Hanging out at the Mill House Quilt shop’s booth was a simple, fun way to spend some time.

Booth Demo

And, I got to spend some time with a dear and charming friend, Linda!

Great Helper!


And a simple lunch was a perfect way to catch up with some friends from my hometown that I haven’t seen in years.  Thanks for the visit Dorothy and Jacque!

Friends from “home”.


And what can be better than a book by Kim Diehl?  And how simple it is to leave a comment to have a chance at winning “Simple Charm” as an ebook!?!?

So imagine how fun it was to come across this booth at the WI Expo!  There they were….all the quilts from Kim’s book!

Kim Diehl Quilts


“Simple Charm”

The title, “Simple Charm” really captures the essence of the book.  I appreciate the variety she provides in the projects, both in size and type (patchwork and applique). With twelve projects to choose from, I’m sure there is something for everyone.   Her clever, whitty personality  comes thru with projects such as a stuffed patchwork cat called, “Cattywampus Patchwork Pillow”.

Martingale - Simple Charm (Print version + eBook bundle)

I seem to find scrappy quilts difficult (controlled scrappy) but her “light-bulb moment” shed some light on the process for me too.  She explains how there are only two categories of fabric:  clear and bright or muted and muddy.  By blending the same types of fabrics you can make any color work…what a freeing idea!!

This book not only contains wonderful projects, but it is fun to look at.  The staging of the quilts is so very inviting and is definetly inspiring.

My favorite project in the book is called, “Short and Sweet”.  I liked it in the book, but seeing it in person really was fun.

“Short and Sweet”

Once again, you can count on Kim to include her applique instructions that are spelled out and illustrated very nicely.  I also enjoyed reading all of the “Pinpoint Tips” scattered throughout the book.  If you don’t have one of Kim’s books, this one is a great one to start with.  My guess is that you will refer back to it many times, it’s that good!!

Don’t forget…leave a comment for the chance to win an ebook copy!


Enough words…let’s just simply look at some pictures of the show quilts…notice the beautiful quilting on these!

Susan Wojciechowski


Monica Troy

This was one of my favorites, just because it is so different…

Janet Stone




One of the special exhibits was by a lady named Jean Lohmar.  Not only is the patchwork beautiful, but she has quilted all of these on her home sewing machine.  Amazing…simply (or not) amazing!

Jean Lohmar- Machine Quilting






Whole Cloth!


What can be better than simply hanging out with my charming little granddaughters?!?!

I was fortunate to get to babysit for a few days and decided to share some of the activities we did.

Clear contact paper, old tissue paper Kendall ripped up and glitter.  Yep, I just let her go!  There’s such a difference with the grandkids than with my own.  Although we did plenty of activities back in the day,  I probably would have only done glitter outside.

After putting a second piece of contact paper over the “art work” she wanted them cut into a flower and a snail (?).  And of course, she thought they needed to be displayed on the fridge.

I had seen this idea on Pinterist…have to say making and playing with them was a lot better than the flavor…just sayin’

Stick spaghetti thru cut up pieces of hot-dogs and boil until the pasta is soft.

Kendall thought they looked like spiders so she nibbled off the legs, etc.

Itsy Bitsy Spider was sung over, and over, and over….

A quick trip to a local park was so simple, and both girls had a great time enjoying the fall sunshine.

Imagine…a 2 year old not wanting to cooperate. So Grandma just got down and took the picture looking up. (She didn’t have any way to hide from this angle LOL).


My charming Ava!

To have a chance at winning an ebook, please leave a comment below sharing what you find simple or charming!

Until we chat again,


UPDATE-  There seems to be a lot of viewers with not many comments.  It is making me wonder if there is an issue with the ability to leave comments.  If you are having a problem, would you please email me and let me know?  Thanks.


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