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Iowa Basics….NOT!


When I was in grade school each year we had to take the Iowa Basics test.  Anyone else remember those?  Well, I have been to Iowa several times in the last couple weeks and there was nothing basic about it.  At least to me.


I was so honored to be the speaker at the Pella Guild’s 25th anniversary banquet.  The theme was “Name that Tune”.

Aren’t the table decorations so very clever?





These are just a few of the many quilts that were entered in their challenge.  Wow!  Some very talented ladies belong to this guild.



There were many laughs and even some interesting, fun songs that were sung.


The next morning a group met at a beautiful church to work on my mystery class, “Our Town”.



Once again, I was impressed with their abilities and how very welcoming and gracious they all were.  And the food…excellent.   Thank you Pella, for a wonderful time!!!


The next week was sooooo very far from normal. I flew into Des Moines to be a guest host on the PBS TV show, “Love of Quilting” with Mary Fons.


The first day I got to hang out at the studio.  Not only was I with Mary, but I got to visit with her mom, Marianne, the publisher and editors of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine and all the talented people working on the show.


Here is a peek behind the scenes…


This is one of the first things you see on the set…the famous “tips table”.



Look at all the cameras.  There were a total of 5…talk about intimidating.


Here sweetheart Nancy Mahoney was working on her segment with the stag manager, Cindy, and camera operators.



I found the control room really fascinating!


Here are just a couple shots from different angles.




You can see what is on the teleprompter if you look at the screen on the left side.


And look closely at this monitor!  My quilt, Fall’s Finery, was a cover quilt a few years ago AND it has been on a poster on the set for quite awhile.  How fun!!



The next day it was my turn to tape a segment (you will just have to wait to see what it was about…stay tuned).  I was shown into a dressing room…just made me giggle….and no, there was no star on the door.



Peg is a wonderfully kind makeup lady.  She was always right there to make sure you didn’t have any broccoli in your teeth or hair out of place.



I couldn’t help but ask Marianne to take a picture on the set by the Fall’s Finery poster.  She is so nice and…funny!  It was because of her stopping by my booth at market many years ago and encouraging me to submit a quilt to the magazine that New Leaf Stitches got off the ground.  Although I have never asked anyone for an autograph, I did ask her to sign the cover of the magazine.  Thank you Marianne for all you have done for the quilting industry!


Each night we were treated to a wonderful dinner.  As we were getting ready to leave the last night I realized I didn’t have a picture with Mary so we quickly had this one snapped.  If you haven’t seen Mary’s show “Quilty“, you need to.  I loved the energy of this beautiful, talented young woman.  Keep your eye on her!!



I was in Iowa so much you would think I was running for a political office… you can be sure that will never happen!


Now this is totally random, and has nothing to do with Iowa…

It was fun to look thru the new issue of “Quilt Sampler” and find a picture with my pillow, “Winter Blooms” in it.  I love it made up in the nautical colors!   Quilt Lover’s Hangout is a fabulous quilt shop that has been so very good to me.  If you are ever in the Ft. Myers area it is a must-see shop.


Well, I better get back to work…the first project is due at the end of the week for my new book.

Thanks for stopping by.  Kari

 Sorry about the picture sizes…I saved them at 5″ & for some reason they got tiny…me and technology…ugh!

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