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What a June!



I have to tell you, I’m looking forward to saying good-bye to this month and starting fresh in July!


Let’s take care of some business first.  “Connie from Nebraska”, will you please send me your mailing address…You won the set of new patterns!  I think you will enjoy them.


Okay, where do I start?  Let’s start with something fun.


Martingale/That Patchwork Place sent me an advanced copy of my book, “Just around the Corner”.  Along with the book they sent a big, beautiful flower arrangement.  I wish you could smell them thru your screen.  The whole house smelled wonderful!



On a sad note, my lovely mom passed away after a week in a coma.  We truly believe it is a blessing as she has struggled health-wise the last couple of years.  She is now enjoying heaven with all her loved ones!


One of the saddest parts for me was that my book arrived the day before she died…and I had dedicated the book to her…and she never got to see it….


This is a picture of the dedication page.  The picture was taken from an old school annual when she was a young teacher.  I loved the twinkle in her eyes!  She was so fun and will be missed immensely.



On a scary note, 3 days after the funeral my husband and I went for a ride in our convertible that we just bought.  It was only about the 3rd time we had gone together and just wanted to take it out for a little spin (because we finally had a nice, warm day in Minnesota).  We were turning left off of a highway and the guy behind us wasn’t paying attention and rear-ended us.  As you can see we ended up in the ditch.  However, the bumper was left on the highway.



We really had some guardian angels!  It was scary enough to hit the ditch, but when I think about what could have happened it makes me sick  (he could have t-boned us, we could have rolled with the top down, hit the pole, etc. etc.).  Believe you me…I sent up a prayer of thanks!


The bummer…it’s nice out, hubby has some vacation days coming up…and the fun car is in the shop  🙁


The sweet part of June is that I got to spend quite a bit of time with this cutie!



How about some business news?


I’m working on a project for the magazine, “Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting“.  I can’t let you see much of it, but aren’t these fabrics fun?  They are from Riley Blake and the line is called “Farm Fresh”.  It is so new that I only have little snippets to work with until the bolts arrive from the mill.  It’s going to be cuuuttteee, if I do say so myself.


“Just around the Corner” will officially be available July 12th.  Make sure to check out your local quilt shop and ask if they have it.  If not, you can find it on Amazon,, or on my website.



Part of my promotion involves doing a book blog hop  (ie: a virtual book tour).  I have some friends who I will be asking to take part, but I would like to hear from you.  Who are some of your favorite quilt bloggers?  Please leave your suggestions below.  Your input is appreciated very much.


July should be great and I am so looking forward to it.  I also have some fun things on my calendar.   If you will be in the area of any of these events please let me know.  It’s always fun to meet people in person.


July 28-29:           Book signing in White Bear Lake  (I’ll get details out soon)

August:                 Checker Distributor’s Open House  (Ohio)

September:           Pella Quilt Guild  (Iowa)

October:               Georgia Quilt Show

                             Houston Quilt Market with Martingale


Oh, I almost forgot.  Brian and I experienced something that was SO COOL!  We were driving home late one night last week and we pulled off on a ramp to change drivers.  We were out in the country and when we looked down over the trees there were hundreds and hundreds of fire flies!  We turned off the headlights and just stood outside and watched in awe.  They were so thick and curved around like a twinkling river.  It was like looking down on the Milky Way. Awesome, just awesome.  I wish a camera could have captured the moment.  What cool surprises have you experienced in nature?




Well, here’s to a safe, fun and peaceful July!  Cheers.


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