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Stop Shaking the Snow Globe!


 As childish as it sounds, I just want to stomp my foot and yell, “Enough is enough!!”  I am so tired of the snow that just keeps coming down.  Someone, please stop shaking the snow globe!


What do you do to keep sane during the long winter?


Not too long ago we had a couple intense games of Jenga! Pretty exciting times in the old Carr house!?!?





Another weekend we went cross-country skiing at a local state park.




It was a beautiful day.



Can you believe it?  Brandon and Liz ran  UP the hills on their skis!




I was always the tail end.   What I noticed is how nice they all were to wait for me once in awhile.  What they didn’t notice is how they all took off again just as I got there….meaning I didn’t get much resting time.



This is NOT how to spend a snowy day.  Brandon had just dropped Liz off at work in downtown Minneapolis and a few blocks down a guy ran a red light and hit him. Thankfully, she wasn’t in the car and it wasn’t on Brandon’s side so no one got hurt.  The car was totaled so now they are waiting on insurance and looking for something different.


Of course, sewing is a great way to spend wintery days.  Here is a little peek at a couple patterns that will be debuting at spring market.


Chocolate Kiss has the main table topper with 3 companion projects.





Scandia Stag is still in the works, meaning there will be more embellishment.  It uses toweling fabric and wool appliqué.  It’s a small nod to my Scandinavian roots.



So we’re in March… thinking of spring… and I’m working on next year’s holiday projects.  Do you think if I did some bright flower appliqués the snow would melt away?


The bright side to this new snow is next week I can forget about it because we will be spending time with this little princess and palm trees.  Can’t wait for the warm weather….



Leave your comment to get in the drawing for free Clearly Perfect Angles.  I will be picking three winners.  You do know that the Clearly Perfect Angles is the ultimate, easy way to sew those 45° angles? You can just leave it in place because of how smooth it is and there are also seam guides for all your other sewing needs.


Watch the videosto learn more! 

Oh yeah…”Just Around the Corner” is now on Amazon.  Seems kind of unreal!  Go there and click “like” if you would like.



I better stop chatting and get back to work on more market projects.  I’m trying to stay positive on this new snow we’re getting.  Ummmm….it’s pretty?!!?




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